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Black Belt Seduction – Review

Product Info:

There are many guides on the market that offer advice, tips, and tricks for picking up women, this is the reason we really wanted to put Black Belt Seduction to the test for this review. To our surprise this product was really able to provide much more than the majority of the other products on the market. The amount of depth that the authors go into is quite astonishing. Throughout the guide you will encounter everything from tips on hair and clothing choices to specific, word for word steps when approaching the girl of your dreams. However, by far the best part of the guide was the fact that it offers insight and advice for getting over personal and confidence issues that may be holding you back. The way in which this guide goes about addressing those psychological aspects of seduction is something that makes it worth the price of admission alone.

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Program Highlights:

  • How to approach any woman you don’t know and start a conversation with her – without being rejected or “blown out”
  • The 7 simple conversation techniques that will automatically build attraction in her mind – for you
  • How to get a woman into your bed within 68 minutes of meeting her for the first time – and have her calling you the next day wanting more
  • How to use the Internet (Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Bebo etc) to get at LEAST 5 dates per week – if you want it
  • Why your looks, how tall you are, what money you make and other factors simply DO NOT MATTER AT ALL… IF… You act in this certain way – and NO it’s not being “Alpha”


  • The format of this guide is definitely a big pro, with an easy to read and follow along layout that makes it easy to pick up and start learning right away.
  • Like we mentioned earlier, a huge pro to this guide compared to others is the fact that it does a good job at addressing underlying issues of confidence that many men have a hard time overcoming.
  • The money back guarantee offered is always a huge plus considering you will have the opportunity to try the system before committing to the investment.
  • The price is obviously a huge pro as well considering its around half the price of many other popular products on the market.


There are not many cons that we were able to find during our review of this system. However, this shouldn’t be surprising given our mission to find the absolute best 10 products on the market. However, some may prefer a guide written from the perspective of a woman.


Perhaps one of the most important aspects of purchasing anything online is making sure there is a good guarantee and return policy in case you are not happy with your purchase. This is why we were glad to see that Black Belt Seduction offers a no quibble, risk free 60 day guarantee. In fact, if at any time you want a complete refund, the site claims,
“If you don’t agree that after trying our system, you will be able to get ANY woman within 7 hours of meeting her… We WANT you to have your MONEY back!”


The fact of the matter is there is so much included in the system that it really doesn’t need any extras. However Black Belt Seduction offer some great “Fast Action Bonuses” anyway. It make this package very powerful. (Remember to see the Platinum Upgrade below under price)


LIFETIME FREE Access to the Black Belt Seduction Forums – as long as you’re a member you can read the latest tips and techniques and discuss your success and specific problems with other members who are just like you
Value $79 per year


Ultra-Advanced 2nd Dan training… This includes the Black Belt Audio power pack (40 minutes of audio content with multiple techniques) and…
Value $17


The Girlfriend Gameplan – part 1… A guide designed JUST for those who want a GIRLFRIEND… You’re not interested in one night stands, or picking up girls in the clubs for fun… You want a girlfriend. A full time, permanent girlfriend. How to get her. How to keep her.
Value $49.97


With all of the guides on the market these days it can often be hard to decide which will be the best for you. The reason that this guide is truly different than so many of the others is the fact that it is written by 5 experts that have worked in the seduction industry for years and years. With all of the authors being experts in their respected areas, from opening and closing techniques to body language and silent seduction, there aren’t many authors this qualified producing seduction guides.

Rating: 9.6/10 (9.6 points out of 10)
Product Name: Black Belt Seduction
Website: Black Belt Seduction
Author: 5 seduction experts with combined experience of over 40+ years
Price – Choose from the following TWO options:

  • Black Belt Seduction Online Access
    $79 (Normal Price $386.97, Save $307,97)
  • Belt Seduction Platinum Package – Great deal. Click in and check out the extra bonuses!
    $99 (Normal Price $730.76, Save $631,76)

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I really enjoy the training, and I wish I could of learned it much earlier in my life. I’m learning and understanding very much as to how this game is played.


Black Belt Seduction really, really works.

You won’t believe it how well it works until you try the techniques. Don’t just learn them, use them! Thank you!

Michael. W.

Always had trouble with women (even though I only just turned 21) and not sure of the EXACT reason why (have my own theories, although they’re tending to be proven wrong – thankfully!!!), so am currently exploring different ‘solutions’ and this seemed like a viable idea (and who knows, maybe someday I can use this as a conversation piece….lol)

Anyways, just finished going through the White Belt. Found most fairly easy to deal with / already have a handle on, although things like the The Probe or approaching from the side grabbed my attention.

Am definately looking forward to the Yellow Belt Material.


I have not found anything of its kind. The techniques are not only helping me with the woman but also with business relationships. The BBS has given me a whole new level of confidence.

Joe. N.

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